Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Contrerime XIV

I have skipped the Chinese trilogy that makes up Contrerime XIII for the moment, so again I'm out of sequence. Contrerime XIV is a brief rural observation, probably based on life at la Rafette.

Le coucou chante au bois qui dort.
L' aurore est rouge encore,
Et le vieux paon qu' Iris décore
Jette au loin son cri d' or.

Les colombes de ma cousine
Pleurent comme une enfant.
Le dindon roue en s' esclaffant :
Il court à la cuisine.

The cuckoo sings in the sleeping brake
Dawn red are still the skies,
The old peacock whom Iris dyes
Shouts far his golden crake.

My cousin's flock of pigeons
Moan like children sobbing
The turkey flaps about gobbling,
Running to the kitchen.

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